Solution for VHD_BOOT_HOST_VOLUME_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE error in windows 8

If you are using VHD method of installing windows 8 to virtual disk on physical machine (Scot Hansellman has great tutorial: and you get VHD_BOOT_HOST_VOLUME_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE error after installation, then your problem is probably dynamic VHD and not enough free space on disk containing that drive. I had the same problem, and googling for it did not solve it, as there is one little catch that is not very known:

You need to have enough free space on physical disk containing VHD that it can contain whole VHD IF IT WOULD GROW TO MAXIMUM DECLARED SIZE! So 100GB VHD on a 90GB free space is a no-go, it does not matter that Windows 8 will use only about 11GB after clean installation.

Windows 8 setup does not check for this, so you may be able to install it, and not able to boot it 🙂

5 thoughts on “Solution for VHD_BOOT_HOST_VOLUME_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE error in windows 8”

  1. Can you just shrink the volume instead of having to recreate the entire VHD and installing again?

  2. Probably yes, I cannot try now, as my HDD where this image is stored reported SMART status bad, so it is offline until I get new one.
    The point of this post is not solution (I posted what I did), but cause. I googled a lot and did not found cause of this, and when I finally figured it out, I decided to share the cause of this problem, so other people can see what is that error about. So if you encountered it, and you are able to shrink VHD, it is perfectly valid solution.

  3. Native VHD boot has the following dependencies:

    The local disk partition that contains the VHD file must have enough free disk space for expanding a dynamic VHD to its maximum size AND FOR THE PAGE FILE CREATED WHEN BOOTING THE VHD. The page file is created outside of the VHD file, unlike in the case of a virtual machine where the page file is contained inside the VHD.


  4. Just checked shrinking volume does not work – still leads to VHD_BOOT_HOST_VOLUME_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACE death.
    You must modify entire VHD to make it work, not only allocated volume inside VHD.

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